Vacuum Creates Big Mess, Sets Boats Alight

31 08 2009

Boat wrecks in Newport

Boat wrecks in Newport

In a seldom dangerous area on the Northern Beaches, the town of Newport was the centre of attention on the 22nd of July as five large motor cruisers were ablaze.

The story was known throughout the Northern Beaches as the toxic smoke billowed through the suburbs. Strong winds blew the smoke kilometres across New South Wales.

The first boat, entitled Paradise IV, caught alight during routine maintenance. It is believed to be started by the explosion of a vacuum cleaner. The fire quickly spread to another two boats due to strong winds and embers. Soon after another two boats caught on fire.

Barbara Mackellar, an owner of one of the boats, entitled “Pearl Diver”, was beyond belief when she saw the state of her boat, worth a small fortune.

“I pulled into the car park and all I could see was the rail and I just burst into tears.”

The 36-year old electrician working on the boat was taken to the Royal North Shore Hospital for smoke inhalation; he is in a stable condition.

The damage of the inferno exceeds $5 Million, while in tough economic times such as these, that figure is not ideal, it’s extremely lucky no-one was killed.

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