Is Curvy the New Skinny?

31 08 2009

plussizegaultierWe see it all the time, pictures with extremely underweight models, taking out the spotlight to present the latest clothing. This influences the minds of the younger generations, and has played the main role in brainwashing young adolescents to think this weight is supposedly, ‘normal’.

Crystal Renn, (in the picture above) has set an amazing example, showing that having curves doesn’t make you any less of a person. Not only has she made it big in the world of fashion, but she has let women recognize that to be beautiful doesn’t mean you have to be stick thin.

Not only Crystal, but many women across the world have taken part in the plus size modeling industry, and many are still set to have a financially successful career.

The trend has spread, and big retail stores are following this trend by featuring plus size models in their latest fashion shows. Stores such as Myer are using this plus size model fashion show to their advantage, as many more women across Australia, and possibly around the world would relate to, and more likely purchase the goods on sale. Not only has this placed Myer under a positive spotlight, but it is making a statement, that fat and curvy is the new skinny.

By Nic




5 responses

2 09 2009

glad to see that society is finally waking up to reality
well written article 🙂

14 09 2009
Big Mama's House

thanksss jessie
Big mama house productions agrees with you
with curvy women there is more to love
hope veluptious women around the world will unite yo!

14 09 2009

t’ will be a force to reckon with 😉

19 09 2009

It most definately will be! I know so many guys who adore a woman with curves.

19 01 2010

Looking at the photo of Crystal Ren above, I don’t see a fat woman…. She is an average size woman who looks so fresh, vibrant and healthy.

Btw, I also posted similar blog a few days ago:)

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