Earthquake in Indonesia

31 08 2009

Seven people were injured recently as an earthquake in Indonesia’s Western Sumatra struck without warning.  On Sunday August 16 at 2:38pm a sea quake centred in the Indian Ocean sent “locals running out of their houses in panic,” stated a local official.

The Earthquake came as a surprise to many people living in the Mentawai Islands at the time as no warning was sounded.  “We’ll only issue a warning if the magnitude is greater than seven,” Suharjono stated, the technical chief of geophysics. The Seaquake in Western Sumatra registered at 6.9 just one point below the necessary seven. 

Chief Jasmarizal of West Sumatra provincial health crisis centre reported on the injuries. “Five people were injured when an escalator at a mall in north Padang collapsed. Two others were hurt when the fences of their homes gave way. They had light injuries like abrasions on their arms and legs,” he said.

Indonesia is positioned at the joint of two large tectonic plates making a highly vulnerable to similar incidents.

By Sarah





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