Vick signs with Eagles

27 08 2009

Eagles Vick Football

After a long sentence of 23 months in prison and 3 months of house arrest because of dog fighting charges in 2007, Quarterback Michael Vick signed a two year contract worth $2.3 million on Thursday 13, November.

Vick has played in the NFL for eight years after playing football at Virginia Tech University. He spent six years with the Eagles NFC conference rival, the Atlanta Falcons, before being released from the team in June. He was selected 1st overall in the 2001 NFL draft to Atlanta. That made him the 1st African American quarterback to ever be drafted number 1 in the Draft. During his time with the Falcons he was 2nd in the voting poll in 2004.

Vick holds several records throughout his career. In 2006 he rushed for 1,039 yards, which is the most by a quarterback in a season. He also had a record 8.45 yards per carry in the same year. He’s had eight 100 yard rushing games in his career, which is the most by a quarterback, and he holds the record for most rushing yards in 1 game with 173. That’s insane! He has also been named for three pro-bowls so far.

In 2007 Vick and two other men were involved in an illegal dog fighting case. Many were hurt and more were killed. Later that month, he and the two men were charged but pleaded not guilty to the charges. He also got suspended from the NFL by commissioner, Roger Goodell for two years. In January 7 of the next year, Vick began serving his 23 month sentence in prison. He was released from prison on May 20, 2009 to start three months of house arrest and was reinstated by Goodell to resume playing in the NFL. Vick signed with Philadelphia on Thursday November 13. Some people think it’s good for him to come back to the NFL, but others such as the Eagles fans don’t like his decision. He says he is very sorry and hopes he can regain respect of the team and the community.

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