Stupidity Strikes Again

27 08 2009


World’s most expensive cigarette was purchased at a local gas station for quadrillions.

 Josh Muszynski’s credit card was charged 23,148,855,308,184,500.00 USD (28,091,600,007,676,948.00 AUD) on his prepaid visa card for a single pack of cigarettes.

“I thought someone had bought Europe with my credit card,” says Muszynski.

He rushed to the gas station soon after he shockingly found a seventeen digit debt on his online bank account but found that they couldn’t do anything for him.

“It is a lot of money in the negative,” he said. “Something I could never, ever, afford to pay back.”

“My children could not afford it, grandchildren, nothing like that.”

It took hours of speaking with the Bank of America over the phone before he was assured that everything was going to be fixed by the next morning. Fortunately the bank refunded the money and the extra $15 fee for over spending

“It was all back to normal,” Mr. Muszynski told his local television station, WMUR. “They reversed the negative balance fee, which was nice.”

No one knows for sure what caused the mistake though an internet consultant from New Hampshire thinks he may have solved the mystery. Frank Wales thought to represent the number in hexadecimal which is a system with 16 units rather than the usual 10 or 2 used in binary. When all the commas are removed and cents added the $23,148,855,308,184,500 when converted to hexadecimal becomes 2020202020201250.

Wales believes that the last four digits, 1250, represent the $12.50 Muszynski spent on the cigarettes. The string of twenties could have been due to some computer systems converting spaces into the number 20, which many are known to do. The 16 unit system had too much space in the database field and didn’t automatically remove any spaces it placed before the $12.50 charge. This is all just speculation as there is still no logistical proof as to why the amount $12.50 or the number 1250 would cause problems such as this.

By Dan





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