27 08 2009
The Art Gallery of NSW

The Art Gallery of NSW

The Art Gallery of New South Wales has recently extended its hours on Wednesday nights to 9pm, for an evening of talks and lectures, from esteemed artists with expertise in certain genres as well as live performances, films and the normal exhibitions. This after hours concept draws much appeal to the gallery as there is a bar and themed-meals menu available all night to accompany the fine arts on display. The gift shop and research library are also open until 9 pm, perfect for those of you who can’t access the facilities during the day due to work or other responsibilities.

 The food and drink, plus the introduced performances and interactive installations create a smooth, peaceful and flexible way to view the exhibitions with not only art, but artists and an artistic atmosphere. The spacious design is ideal for this sort of integrated scene and the evening themed meals suit the mood created as well as the audience present. Transportation is organised with buses from the gallery back to Martin Place every 15 minutes. Parking is available and there is generous lighting so there is no need to worry about a dimly lit scramble to get home. The gallery encompasses all the different expressions of art with ease and style. A unique incorporation of art, opinions on art, informative yet entertaining videos and presentations, and contemporary takes on traditional art, co-exist in this new program.

 These innovative Wednesday nights bring the conventional method of viewing art into the future with a culturally rich night of all senses experiencing and being inspired and intrigued by what the gallery has to offer. The performances and videos invite the audience to think and re- think the exhibitions and their meanings and put a questionative perspective on the viewing of all the art on display. This makes the audience more inclined to have a unique interpretation and more involved in what they are seeing, hearing and learning. It is an almost faultless job done by the New South Wales Gallery, to entice and impress the artistic community and those who aspire to be inspired.

By Samantha





6 responses

20 10 2009

good work 🙂 🙂
i really enjoy art. wooo:)

26 10 2009

mmmmm, art is good hey jueyy,.

26 10 2009
Juey Singh

i know rightt, its the bomb diggidy,

26 10 2009
Nicole Adeline

hehehehe art is so cool now i have somewhere to hang out at night times!
xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo niccy

26 10 2009
Nicole Adeline

and also.. to ‘Juey’ i totally agree
its off the hook lol!

26 10 2009
Juey Singh

yes i reckonn.
get loose cannon.

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