1,224-pound Cupcake Takes the Cake

27 08 2009
The world's largest cupcake

The world's largest cupcake

On the 15th of August, a new world record was set for the largest cupcake. It weighed 1,224 pounds and was an estimated 2 million calories.

The giant sugary delight was on display at the Woodward Dream Cruise Classic Cars event in Royal Oak and portions of the sugary-goodness were sold to raise funds for the charity Passionately Pink for the Cure, a cancer charity.

It took 12 hours to make, used 200 lbs of flour, 200 lbs of sugar, 200 lbs of butter and 800 eggs and required an 8x8ft oven to bake.

The proud creator of the beast sized dessert was the owner of the firm Gourmet Gift Baskets.

The team of cup-cake makers had a near disastrous event when the cupcake collapsed into itself after the weight of the rising batter damaged one of the main convection tubes, causing it to blow hot air straight into the centre of it. However the team thankfully managed to salvage the cause and created another cake with only one more day to go.







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