Summer Shows Potential

21 08 2009

Summer is quickly approaching, and with it are many new shows. Here are a few that are already big in the US. Many are coming back for another season, while others are new and fresh.

NCIS – The cast for NCIS is back for another explosive season following season 6. Season 6 grabbed the attention of 17.89 million people in the US. This show is already huge in Australia, and with a nail-biting season 6 finale, the show ratings for season 7 should go through the roof.

Airs: September 22                    

Gossip Girl – This show has been very popular with teenage girls. With the first episode reaching a massive 3.65 million viewers, no wonder the producers want to bring it back for another season. This season guest star Hilary Duff is a celebrity who wants a normal college experience and Tyra Banks is an actress who will work with Serena. With all the celebrity guest stars, the ratings for this show should increase dramatically.

Airs: September 14

One Tree Hill – All good things come with equally bad effects. One Tree Hill is returning for a 7th season, but this time sadly without Chad Michael Murray and Hillarie Burton. This time, the show is being set one year after the 6th season finished. Austin Nicols, who plays Julian Baker and was introduced in the 6th season, is coming back as a regular, though Danneel Harris, who plays Rachel Gatina, will come back for seven episodes. This is definatly a show to look out for.

Airs: September 14

Three Rivers – This show is new to our boxes, and is set to be a huge success. It is set in Pennsylvania at a hospital specialising in transplants, and follows the life of organ donors. Starring Alex O’Loughlin, Katherine Moennig, Daniel Henney, Justina Machado, Christopher Hanke, Joaquim De Almeida. Keep an eye out for this show if you love shows like Grey’s Anatomy, because it’s going to be very popular.

Premieres: October 4

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