20 08 2009
Daniel Jarque

Daniel Jarque

On the 8th of August, Spanish Footballer Daniel Jarque was struck down by a heart attack at the surprisingly young age of 26. The initial reaction to a death like this is shock, at what seems to be a freak occurrence, but this death brings to light an alarming trend that has begun to emerge.

Heart attacks are most commonly associated with age and an inactive lifestyle, which makes the death of somebody who participates competitively in a sport both physically demanding and requiring a strict fitness regime, a strange contradiction. In fact the death of football stars caused by cardiac dysfunctions is not uncommon. Since 1989 at least nine confirmed cases have been recorded with the victims all below the age of thirty.

Although these statistics suggest that such events are a rare occurrence, the most alarming figure of all is that the cases have been on the increase. Out of the nine confirmed cases, seven have occurred in the last decade. Although this seems strange, no direct link between the condition and the sport has been identified. This recent death has left many feeling bewildered, sad and in shock.

In an interview with Livenews, Raul, the captain of Real Madrid, commented on his feelings towards the death, “Such a young lad, a great professional and sportsman. This has left us all very hurt.” The feeling has been reciprocated across Spain with the local sports daily news paper, ‘Marca’ printing a front cover with the player’s name emblazoned across it. A minute silence was also observed at the Arsenal vs. Valencia friendly.

The football world is still in mourning and the club is still unsure of what caused the heart attack that struck the Spaniard in his Hotel room. The last person to speak to the footballer was his girlfriend. She claimed to have been speaking to him over the phone when he failed to respond, she then phoned the hotel to report what happened, but help came too late for Jarque.

Jarque was a winner of the Spanish cup in 2006 and runner up in 2007. He was a truly loved player and will be sorely missed in the world game. 


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