20 08 2009
Burnley fans triumphant at their home ground after 33 years.

Burnley fans triumphant at their home ground after 33 years.

The English Premier League was shocked as the recently added Burnley side beat EPL champions Manchester United in a 1-0 defeat overnight.

Burnley fans triumphant at their home ground after 33 years.

 The goal came at just 18 minutes with a stunning volley shocking and entertaining the fans present. The striker was Robbie Blake who was met with an astounding roar from the Burnley fans as the scoreboard read 1-0.

After a lively start from Burnley, Manchester United started applying pressure looking for the equaliser, but no chance came until deep into the half.  Nearing half time a penalty came for Man U as veteran for Burnley, Brian Jensen stood firm to deny Michael Carrick the leveller.

The new addition of Michael Owen was implemented by Ferguson as he desperately applied changes to the Red Devil’s side.  Michael Owen made an impact scoring during the match, only to have the goal disallowed due to an offside ruling.

As the clock ticked down the Burnley side began to gain momentum and confidence; looking to secure their first top flight win since 1976. Hardly any clear cut chances emerged in the second half and Jensen remained cool from the minor threats presented to him. The keeper defiantly presenting himself as well deserving of a top flight position.

As the whistle blew devastation was confirmed for the Devils as they had lost their first EPL game. The sadness was overwhelmed by the extreme roar that threatened to destroy the home ground of Burnley. The fans received a well deserved win as the Clarets kicked of their EPL campaign with a bang.

The season is looking exciting as it already has highlighted the unpredictability of the Beautiful Game. It is perhaps too much to suggest that Burnley could have a run at the cup but many a fan can surely dream. It is undeniable that the side deserves the glory as they have battled their way back to top flight football after a three decade drought.

By Andrew

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