A Breach in the Aussie Music Scene

20 08 2009


It’s not terribly difficult these days to seek out new, emerging music. The Australian music scene is flourishing, and thanks to Triple J Unearthed, one lucky high school band will have a chance to have one of their songs recorded and played on the radio; quite a significant step forward for a young band.

One of these budding high school bands (and one of six finalists in the Unearthed High competition) is known as Breach. The band is focused on the Indie and Rock genres and influenced by a variety of artists such as Radiohead, Coldplay and Josh Pyke. They have already played at an assortment of high school music events, including the ‘Sunset Concert’, a Graduation show and the ‘Choreograph Awards’, a show held at the school’s Performing Arts Centre. Evidently, there is already a lot of experience,
 both in writing and performing, which is contained within these young musicians.

After many months of strenuous writing, rehearsing and the occasional complications, Breach produced the song Such A Rush, to be recorded for the competition. Unfortunately, only one of the band members, Jack Radford, could attend the recording. Nevertheless, Such A Rush is a pristine piece of smooth, chilled music. Crisp guitar blended harmoniously with heartfelt vocals displays a level of musical maturity rarely displayed by artists this young. Elements of Coldplay-esque guitar resonate throughout the piece, layered with vocals that sound directly inspired by the likes of Thom Yorke (Radiohead) and Josh Pyke.
The result is a song that tugs at the heart strings, whilst it bestows a sense of peace and tranquillity upon the audience.

Triple J Unearthed High ended on Thursday 20th of August, announcing the winner to be the pop/punk band Howl. The other finalists in the competition included Ship’s Piano, a young punk band; Domini Forester (and Band), a violinist, guitarist and bassist; Tim and Jean, electric duo and Galactic Empire, another electronic team.

Triple J is renowned for presenting new and upcoming music, especially Australian music.

We look forward to hearing more from Breach in the future.

By Thom








2 responses

20 08 2009

Haven’t listened to the track, but there’s already a Coldplay song called “Such A Rush” & that’s one of their influenced. I think I see a connection…

On a more serious note, who was the solo female vocalist from somewhere I can’t remember. Her track was awesome!

25 08 2009
Thom (Writes back!)

I believe the song you’re thinking of is “A Rush Of Blood To The Head”, so yes, that might be the connection there!

The female vocal, if memory serves me, was very talented as well…

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