18 08 2009


Australian soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan

Australian soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan

Last Wednesday 12th August, two Australian Soldiers killed one Afghan Police Officer and wounded another in a violent shoot-out at Dorafshan, north of the Australian base at Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan.

The Afghan Police later identified that the wounded and deceased were both Afghan Police Officers. The two officers were travelling on a motorbike, were not in uniform and made no effort to distinguish themselves as ANP (Afghan National Police). The soldiers gave many verbal and visual warnings to stop at the checkpoint but the two did not respond.

“During the conduct of that vehicle checkpoint, a motorcycle carrying two individuals failed to stop at that vehicle checkpoint. That motorcycle was then engaged, killing one individual and wounding another,” says Major Anthony Swinsburg, the executive officer of the Australian Mentoring and Reconstruction Taskforce in Afghanistan.

The injured man was transported to the military hospital at Tarin Kowt by Blackhawk. He was treated by Dutch and Australian EMT’s and he had gunshot wounds in both arms and both legs.

With only three days until the Presidential Election, Australian and Coalition forces are under immense pressure after the Taliban started urging voters to boycott the election and are threatening to carry out further attacks on Coalition forces.

The Australian Defence Force has launched an inquiry into the incident.  After the shoot-out, the troops came under small arms fire but the culprits were not identified. The troops have been deployed to the area because of the pending local election. Major Swinsburg later commented that “Immediately after incidents like these, an investigation is commenced and that is being conducted now, and any other information will then come out from that investigation.”

In a previous incident, a Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle hit a roadside improvised explosive device during a patrol in the Oruzgan province in central Afghanistan. No Australians were injured.

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20 08 2009

I’m impressed by this student project. Well done.

Vancouver BC

20 08 2009
Mr Molloy


This is a well written piece. I’m a bit confused as to why we are even in Afghanistan. A follow up story would be great on why we are there, what we have achieved and what conditions need to be satisfied before we can consider pulling out. What has our involvement cost in terms of casualties, lives and $?

Anyway, well done.

20 08 2009

Well written and referenced. Good stuff,

20 08 2009
Rob Rankin

Such a depressing item of news. Australian and other foreign soldiers sent to Afghanistan to be engaged in what amounts to tribal warfare that has been going on for centuries! No doubt governments around the world are concerned about the potential side effects of this conflict (terrorism outside Afghan borders) but the long-term disputes will never be settled by armed agression.
It’s particularly saddening to read about loss of Australian lives as we do, but reflecting on this article reminds us that those victims of the incident probably had families, loved ones and dreams of the future that will all suffer terribly. They died, or were injured with no possible gain for the rest of humanity.
Thanks to the students who prepare the news and may you have long and peaceful lives in the lucky country of Australia.

5 09 2009

Hi, Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

7 09 2009

Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.

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